Borrowed Courage is Tova's third book - a reflection on her life, loss, and the courage to press on. 


Borrowed Courage uniquely showcases how even the most painful experience can bring forth true joy and love with no boundaries. It is a true testament of how God’s plan can empower you with strength to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.
— Mary Kathryn Bass
Borrowed Courage is one of the most amazing stories I have read. Painfully heart wrenching yet amazingly hopeful and completely full of redemption. It changed the way I look at my own life, my own children, and pretty much anyone I meet!
— Stephanie Hagen
Tova’s story of courage, hope, and trust in God is perfect for anyone asking life’s deepest questions. In Borrowed Courage, it is clear Tova practices what she preaches in trusting Jesus to solve life’s most difficult heartbreaks.
— Jary Carter